Discover Actionable Insights to Guide Your Critical Changes in SAP
ActiveDiscover empowers the world’s best-performing organizations to embrace change in SAP 

Take Control of Change, from Discovery to Delivery

Change is the only constant in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. We enable you to unlock your full potential with SAP by mastering the Lifecycle of Change. ActiveDiscover empowers your business to gain comprehensive insights during the initial phases in the Lifecycle of Change, helping you to embrace every change you make confidently.

Why choose ActiveDiscover?

Improve Accuracy

Understand the impact of change across your business to achieve effective transformation

  • ActiveDiscover offers a comprehensive view of the scope of your changes
  • Identify potential issues early in the planning cycle, allowing for adjustments before problems occur
  • Gain complete visibility and make data-driven decisions for your SAP projects 
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Reduce Risk

Assess the outcome of change before it happens to make decisions based on reliable insights.

  • ActiveDiscover’s powerful impact analysis capabilities enable you to identify potential hazards and eliminate unplanned downtime
  • Make informed decisions based on real-world usage data and detailed risk profiles
  • Plan and mitigate risk proactively for a safe and effective digital transformation
  • Optimize business synergy by prioritizing and managing multiple projects simultaneously without adversely affecting each other 
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Lower Cost

Reduce the financial burden of change by gaining complete oversight of transformation

  • ActiveDiscover identifies and prioritizes the most critical areas of the business impacted by a change
  • Focus testing where it matters most, reducing costs and freeing up vital expertise
  • Save time and money while completing projects on time and on budget
  • Maximize return on human capital by automating processes and enabling your workforce to focus on high-value activities  
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"We see real value in the power of ActiceDiscover to enhance the effectiveness of the SAP change management process”

Chris Woolley, Head of Service Delivery, Clarks


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Proactive Risk Reduction

Mitigate potential risks by identifying them early in the planning cycle

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Maximised Team Productivity

Optimize resources and enhance quality with strategic testing.
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Consistent Change Governance

Gain oversight of possible outcomes for optimized SAP transformation .

Increased Production Stability

Navigate the impact of change accurately and effectively.

"ActiveDiscover provides tangible business benefits through improved accuracy, reduced risk, and lower costs"

Chris Woolley, Head of Service Delivery, Clarks

How It Works

ActiveDiscover is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing SAP landscape, enhancing your change management processes and enabling you to achieve optimal results.
Comprehensive Impact Analysis

Navigate the impact of change accurately and effectively

  • Analyze the potential impact of SAP changes on your business processes
  • Make informed decisions based on accurate insights
  • Ensure smooth and successful digital transformation  
Proactive Risk Identification

Mitigate potential risks by identifying risks early in the planning cycle

  • Identify and prioritize critical areas impacted by change
  • Gain a clear understanding of potential hazards early in the planning cycle
  • Allocate resources effectively to mitigate risks and optimize outcomes 
Targeted Testing

Optimize resources and enhance quality with strategic testing

  • Focus testing on areas where it matters most, reducing costs and time spent
  • Achieve high-quality results by targeting known impacted objects
  • Enhance overall software design and free up valuable expertise  
Personalized Results and Reporting

Leverage custom insights for informed decision-making

  • Customize ActiveDiscover to fit your unique business needs
  • Get actionable insights tailored to your specific projects and objectives
  • Make confident decisions based on personalized data  
Hypothetical Scenario Analysis

Gain oversight of possible outcomes for optimized SAP transformation 

  • Run hypothetical analyses to better understand potential outcomes
  • Explore various options to find the most effective path forward
  • Make data-driven decisions to optimize your SAP transformation  

Implementation Effort

ActiveDiscover is a straightforward implementation. Once installed, which takes only a few hours, users can immediately begin analysing changes and assessing their risk.

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