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Automated SAP License Management and Optimization

Automated SAP License Optimisation & Management


SAP License compliance and cost reduction through continuous optimization

With more than 3,000 products, 24 user license types and 100 engine metrics, SAP software licensing is highly complex. As a result, many companies struggle to reconcile their license inventory with their actual licensing need. This often results in over-licensing and excessive spending on SAP applications. SAP's system measurement tools are not helpful in this, as they only show license consumption and are not purposed for optimizing the license selection or saving costs.

"We know the exact level of usage for our license types, thanks to samQ. That means we will save a lot on our future purchase and maintenance costs, all the while ensuring that we are compliant with our agreement"

Michael Keck, Department Manager SAP CoE, OMV

samQ SAP License Optimiser

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Audit Prepared

With samQ operating in the background all year round, come Jan 1st your SAP license usage is automatically optimised and license report is ready for submission.

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Optimised inventory

Understanding current usage doesn't help when it comes to optimisation. samQ will show you where licenses can be optimised to minimise unexpected license growth.

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S/4 HANA Ready

S/4 Full User Equivalent (FUE) licensing means your current ECC licenses must be narrowed into just 4 types. The cost difference can be huge if you miscalculate. 

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Minimised costs

It is estimated that only 10% of SAP customers are optimally licensed. Over-licensing costs more than necessary, and under-licensing catches you out. samQ will help.

Gartner Peer Insights reviewers rate samQ 4.8 out of 5

How it Works

The heart of samQ is a transactional database. VOQUZ provides the database with a collection of all the standard transactions that can be run in SAP. The database can be expanded to include customer-specific license definitions as well as individual Z and Y transactions, and it includes the most common SAP add-ons. The transactional database is constantly expanded and updated to include new transactions. Consequently, samQ is the only dynamic tool on the market for SAP software asset management solutions.

User Licenses

With samQ the activities of SAP users are analyzed automatically at regular intervals, rated in accordance with license regulations, and optimized. At the touch of a button, the tool collects all license information to verify software license compliance. As such, you will know immediately if over-licensing or under-licensing is occurring.

Digital Access

Currently it’s unclear to many customers how many of documents created in SAP were actually generated indirectly. With samQ this problem is solved. Get the information about the actual number of indirectly generated documents at the push of a button via any desired interface. Position yourself for the next negotiation with SAP..

Authorization Licensing

samQ provides a particular module for authorization analysis. samQ calculates the license key a user is assigned if licenses are allocated according to authorizations rather than actual activities. The analysis provides transparency about the license calculations and determines which permissions or transactions are unused.

Engine Measurement

samQ can display any license rule, metric, or payment condition of SAP engines within it’s AMV Dashboard. This allows you to instantly measure and optimize current engine consumption at any point in time. As your consumption approaches a critical range, samQ sends an automatic alert to the administrator.

SLAW Check
This module makes it very easy for you to check the results of your SLAW reports. samQ compares your calculations with the SLAW results, identifies any deviations, and enables a drilldown all the way to the user/client level. Consequently, you can always be sure that the reported results match your calculations.
Scenario Analyses

Develop scenarios that factor in license types that are not yet part of the license inventory. With samQ predictions can be made about possible licensing strategies in regard to changing license classifications or license inventory to provide an accurate overview of possible cost trends. 

Compliance Alerts

samQ knows what SAP users are doing in real time and what usage rights and licenses are provisioned. Customisable alerts will be triggered in cases of over or under-licensing, double logins, etc.

USMM Automation

samQ automatically runs USMM on any system to a pre-defined schedule and stores the protocol in a central location. You will always be prepared to produce a SLAW report.

Inactivity Reporting

samQ identifies and disables the accounts of users who are no longer active. Duplicates are consolidated so that each SAP user has exactly one named user license across all systems

Business Objects
samQ goes beyond the pure counting of BO licenses. The company-internal Business Object license types can be mapped with exact authorization, putting an end to the guesswork.
S/4 Hana Licensing

samQ offers templates for the new SAP S/4HANA license types enabling simulations to  prepare your organization for a cost-efficient SAP S/4HANA migration.

Transaction Database

samQ uses dynamic optimization to determine optimal license types, to check usage data of individual users against an updated transactional database, and automatically optimise.

Implementation Effort

samQ is programmed in ABAP and installed as an SAP add-on on a central Netweaver system (e.g., Solution Manager) and connected via standard RFC connections to the systems to be measured. No software is installed on SAP production systems.

From the Resource Library

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Case Study

Following the implementation of samQ JetBlue succeeded in halving the number of named SAP users. By using actual user transaction data and reallocating unused licenses  an optimal position was reached.

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Browse this easy-to-read eBook-style presentation to gain a high-level technical overview of the samQ SAP License Optimiser and 5 key considerations in SAP LIcense management.

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VOQUZ Labs compares old license models with the new “RISE with SAP” subscription model, and brings its entire SAP licensing and environment expertise to provide you with a transparent assessment.

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On Demand Webinar

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