Libelle EDIMON

Automated SAP iDoc Management

Automated management of SAP iDoc workflow and processes.

Libelle EDIMON

Libelle EDIMON is an SAP® add-on for the automated monitoring and management of the electronic data interchange (EDI) across SAP® landscapes. 

Create clarity for departments. Reduce load on the SAP Basis, and increase process reliability" 

SAP EDI workflow is an absolutely critical aspect of incoming and outgoing orders, deliveries, and invoices and is therefore inextricably linked to a company's core business. Poor monitoring and unnoticed errors can expensive and disruptive.

With Libelle EDIMON SAP IT teams can:

  • Monitor and automatically correct iDocs errors 
  • Reduce manual troubleshooting, and inform specialist departments automatically.
  • Relieve SAP basis, reducing reliance on specialists 
  • Receive automated summary reports with an overview of all relevant iDocs and their status for each connected system.

"The fact that IDocs no longer have to be sent manually between departments saves one to two hours of work time per day for two employees".

Karsten Glismann, Head of IT RAPS GmbH & Co

Libelle EDIMON



Libelle EDIMON automatically detects faulty IDocs. Assigned rules trigger reactions such as sending notifications to specialist departments, automatic re-postings, or initiating correction routines. 



Libelle EDIMON dashboard is a management cockpit with extensive notification options. Monitor the status of IDocs, monitor the automated processing of faulty IDocs and react quickly and easily.



Libelle EDIMON is easy and secure to install in any SAP® environment and can be used immediately. The EDI software is ABAP®-based and optimised for both the current S/4HANA® and older SAP releases.

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Libelle EDIMON accelerates and simplifies time-consuming routine activities so that they can be fully automated, or easily performed directly by the specialist department responsible.

With Libelle EDIMON we were able to automatically manage our more than 10,000 IDocs daily; significantly increasing our response times and error capture rate

Technical Overview

Libelle EDIMON is the solution for automated electronic data interchange monitoring and processing in SAP systems. It can be easily integrated into an SAP landscape as an add-on. The implementation follows a predefined sequence of installations, rule definitions, test phase, and start of operation. The cockpit provides a summary overview of the checks for each connected system.

Libelle EDIMON monitors the central flow of all IDocs and searches for failed IDocs. If an error status arises, Libelle EDIMON can trigger automatic alerts if desired. For example, e-mail notifications are triggered to the corresponding business unit for rectification.

The Libelle EDIMON cockpit provides a summary overview of the checks for each connected system. It provides information about which checks were carried out, how many message types were tested, and how many IDocs were recorded. Based on the SAP error codes, the IDocs are divided into three configurable categories:

  • Green: IDoc was processed correctly
  • Yellow: IDoc was processed, but SAP issued a warning
  • Red: IDoc processing failed (mostly error code 51)

In addition, the EDIMON cockpit displays the number of reactions and the date and time of the last check carried out.


The responsible department is alerted directly and can correct the order and rebook the IDoc, which cancels the error status. However,the software also offers the option of rectifying recurring IDoc issues automatically.  This speeds up the process enormously and keeps your transactions up and running, so you can take care of other tasks.

Libelle EDIMON makes it possible to define rules via its framework which control the handling of IDocs of a certain status and message type. Rules can be created depending on the IDoc origin, the message types ,and / or the IDoc direction (inbound or outbound). Various reaction options are available for the rules:

  • E-mail / SAP-mail / C-mail (internal Libelle EDIMON notification with acknowledgement of receipt)
  • SAP-program / SAP-function / SAP-event / SAP-job
  • Worklist / Worklist / Interfaces (CCMS / System Commands)

Implementation Effort

A Libelle EDIMON software implementation is straightforward and doesn't require specialist resources. The software is installed on your system simply and easily via a transport file provided by Libelle and follows the standard transport import procedure. Custom configurations as per user requirements are completed with our guidance by the new EDIMON software administrator with the software ready for use within a day or two from installation.

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