2024 Events Program

  • Thursday 14th Mar, 2024
On Demand | Transforming the SAP Support Experience with Automated ServiceNow ITSM Ticketing
Webinar On Demand Landing Page Image - March 2024
  • Thursday 18th Apr, 2024
On Demand | Automating SAP system copy for a faster more consistent outcome
Webinar Tile SAP SystemCopy Automation
  • Thursday 30th May, 2024
On Demand | Securing SAP Systems: Key Challenges in Today's Security & Compliance Landscape
Web Landing Page Webinar Template - May 2024 (1)
  • Thursday 4th July, 2024
De-risking SAP S/4 HANA transformation with automated change control & deployment
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  • Thursday 29th Aug, 2024
Automated SAP Incident Reporting: How a ServiceNow ITSM Integration Simplifies the Process For Everyone
Webinar Landing Page Image -  ITSM - August 2024 (1)
  • Wednesday 30th Oct, 2024
LSC: Improve SAP system refresh quality through automation saving tons of time in the process
  • Wednesday 27th Nov, 2024
Active Discover: Look into the future and safeguard SAP PRD systems with in-process SAP transport impact assessment

2023 Highlighted Events

  • Wednesday 29th March, 2023
Automation to Increase Quality, and Reduce Risk and Cost of SAP Management

In today's digital landscape, SAP teams face numerous challenges in meeting the demands of digital transformation, improving quality, and reducing costs and risks. With limited key skills, rising demands, and increasing work volumes, achieving this combination of outcomes can be difficult.

  • Wednesday 31st May, 2023
Automation to Increase SAP System Refresh Cadence, and Secure Test Data

SAP basis teams are constantly under pressure to meet the increasing demands placed on them. One of the major challenges they face is finding the time to perform system refreshes at a cadence that meets the needs of the business.

  • Wednesday 19th July, 2023
SAP Incident Resolution: Enhance User Experience via ServiceNow Integration

Discover the key to resolving SAP Incident tickets swiftly for optimal user experience and system stability.  The ITSM Connector for SAP solutions is a certified SAP add-on that seamlessly integrates with nearly any ITSM system. Pre-built integrations are readily available for leading platforms such as ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, Cherwell, and more. 

2022 Highlighted Events

  • Wednesday 18th May, 2022
On-Demand | How to Automate SAP Basis and Reduce Reliance on Skilled Resources


Highly skilled SAP basis resources are expensive and in short supply. Automating certain SAP basis tasks not only improves system quality but, importantly, also reduces reliance on the skills required. Automation in this area is potentially a critical risk mitigation strategy during a period when hiring and retaining skilled basis engineers is becoming increasingly difficult.

  • Wednesday 16th November, 2022
On-Demand | Integrate ServiceNow and SAP to Accelerate Incident Ticket Resolution Times

Resolving SAP Incident tickets quickly is critical to good user experience and for production system stability. However, poor incident ticket quality impairs speedy resolution. Slow incident resolution can result in users sitting idle or, worse, production systems off-line.

  • Wednesday 7th December, 2022
On-Demand | Increasing System Refresh Frequency to Deliver Up to Date SAP Test Data

If your project and test teams are wanting more than the current annual system refresh you might be in trouble. IT professionals with SAP basis skills are in high demand. Often there are more tasks to go around than team members capable of performing them, and important tasks, such as regular system refreshment, for example, go undone. There are other priorities.