Libelle SystemCopy

Automated SAP System Copies

Fully Automate Your SAP System Refresh Process

Libelle SystemCopy

Libelle SystemCopy fully automates the end-to-end refresh of SAP® systems and landscapes at the push of a button.

  • Relieve reliance on SAP Basis Administrators and outsource service providers by automating all the tasks associated with the SAP system copy preparation and post-copy tasks.
  • Deliver swift, consistent, quality refreshes whenever they are needed.
  • Significantly reduce the time required with parallel processing refreshing multiple SAP systems across the entire environment with one action. 
  • Automatically provides non-production systems with updated production test data at any time.

“Libelle SystemCopy dramatically decrease the time and resources required for our system refresh procedures”

Gaz Metro

Libelle SystemCopy

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Increased Refresh Cadence

Meet business and project team demands for increased refresh cadence

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Consistent Copy Process

Overcome post-refresh quality issues with consistent automated processes.


Reduced Resource Reliance

Reduce reliance on skilled on SAP basis resources and outsource partners

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Fast Parallel Processing

Reduce the manual effort, refresh systems in parallel, and speed up the process.

Within one week, we made a full six system copies. Highly automated and with the best possible quality.

Technical Overview

Libelle SystemCopy automatically performs the four phases of an SAP system copy. This includes the pre-check tasks, the pre-copy tasks, the copy itself, and the post-copy tasks.

Before triggering a system copy, the software ensures that the copy can proceed smoothly.

To prevent avoidable interruptions to the automated processes, Libelle SystemCopy checks, among other things, the availability of the systems, the presence of sufficient space, and the release version information between the source and target systems. If there are any issues, the administrator is then alerted before the automated process begins


The pre-copy phase optimally prepares the target system for the takeover of the real data.

Libelle SystemCopy saves information that must not be overwritten and stops running schedulers, backup jobs, and the like so as not to interrupt the system refresh process. This includes saved configuration, connections, and transports not yet in Production.  In the last step of the preparation, the active SAP components of the target system are stopped.

System copy

Once the pre-copy phase is completed, the system is prepared for the copy to take place.

All that is to be done is the starting and monitoring of the process. Normally this would be performed by the DB Administration team as per the usual process, however, depending on the backup type the copy may perform automatically 


The post-phase ensures the original copied system saved detail are replaced.

This includes activating the information saved during the pre-phase, and ensuring the correct SAP license. After post-processing, the system copy is ready for your user, safe in the knowledge that all tasks have been completed and no post-copy issues will arise.

Implementation Effort

A Libelle SystemCopy implementation is straightforward and doesn't require specialist resources. The software is installed on your system simply and easily. No changes are required to Production systems (Source systems) and the supplied wizard enables the installation to be completed per system independently within an hour or so, or with our help in a few minutes. With our software configuration guidance, you can be ready for your first automated copy within a few days. 

From the Resource Library

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Case Study

Following the implementation of Libelle SystemCopy Sto-IT succeeded in performing a full six system copies within 5 days. Each was highly automated and performed with the best possible quality.

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Browse this easy-to-read eBook-style presentation to gain a high-level technical overview of Libelle SystemCopy and its accompanying in-process data anonymisation software - Libelle DataMasking .

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Take a deep dive into the process of SAP system copy automation with this  Whitepaper, "Advanced Automation and Optimization of System and Landscape Copy Procedures for SAP® Applications" 

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Demo Video

Not ready for a personalised software demonstration for your team just yet - then request access to a recorded software demo and get a sense of the look and feel of the product.