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Floe Email Builder

Floe is an SAP document generator for any kind of SAP communication: Email, PDF, SMS and HTML. Deliver awesome SAP Email inside the organisation and to external contacts. Transform your SAP communication, addressing more user touchpoints.

With Floe you can radically improve every SAP output, in multiple formats. Build rich dynamic content powered by SAP data that looks great on any device. 

Replace clunky PDF attachments with rich information in the email body and make changes fast to keep business communication fresh. Transform SAP business communication: SAP Email, SMS, PDF and more.

Floe is a certified SAP Add-on

"Floe gives us an easy way to create professional e-mail output from SAP. It has been an instant success and I would happily recommend it to any organisation looking to ensure that their SAP-generated e-mail content looks professional and contemporary."

Adrian Clarke, Buckinghamshire County Council

Solution Outcomes

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Document Output

Create powerful emails to send documents, or include all the information inside the email body.

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Process Notifications

Replace SAP Workflow notification emails with engaging, task-specific  emails quickly and easily.

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Mass Correspondence

Send mass emails to  customers, suppliers, or employees including dynamic content based on  rules

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Formatted Reporting

Generate and distribute reports that can be opened in many applications on any device.

With so many SAP communications use cases, we can't put them all on one page.

How It Works

Floe is delivered as an API, and can be triggered from anywhere. For the main use cases, the API is triggered either from a SAP workflow step, or a print program, or from the mass correspondence tool that is included as part of Floe.  Floe can also be used for on-demand scenarios used in customer portals and chatbots.

Template management

This includes, defining document templates, managing all the business logic for data determination, manipulation, attachments, images, and recipients etc: All the components required for SAP communication.

SAP Email, SMS, PDF and more

Floe generates Emails, Texts or PDF documents based on data and business logic from your SAP system. This enables greatly improved SAP communication with employees and external communities.

Floe Drive: Image Repository

Floe supports multiple ways of handling images, and delivers the functionality to store images in a cloud repository so that they can be accessed quickly during email development and included using image links.

Powerful integration

Floe provides impressive SAP integration, such that any data from SAP systems can be incorporated into the body of the email, text or document Recipients, images and attachments can be determined from business logic stored within the SAP system.

Implementation Effort

A Floe implementation is straightforward and doesn't require specialist resources. The software is installed as an ABAP add-on using the standard installation tool - transaction SAINT. The Floe SAPUI5 apps are installed separately and can be deployed on-premise or to the SAP Cloud. No changes are required to Production systems and the installation to be completed independently within an hour or so. With our software configuration guidance and user training, you can be ready to build your first email within a few days. 

From the Resource Library

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