Universal Automation Center

Centralised SAP Task Management and Orchestration

Automate and Orchestrate IT and Business Processes

Universal Automation Center (UAC)

The Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (UAC) is a real-time IT automation platform designed to centrally manage and orchestrate tasks and processes across hybrid IT environments - from on-prem to the cloud. As a software platform, UAC is designed to automate and orchestrate your IT and business processes, securely manage file transfers, and centralize the management of disparate IT job scheduling and workload automation solutions. With the UAC event-driven automation technology, it is now possible to achieve real-time automation across your entire hybrid IT environment, breaking down automation silos while giving you centralized control and visibility across your entire hybrid IT environment.

"With Universal Automation Center we are able to create workflows 10 times faster, and we can include everyone in the process. Coding or scipt experience is no longer needed, which is a huge advantage for us.”

MARCO CAESAR Data Warehouse Manager, Groupon

Solution Outcomes


Workload Automation

Take an evolutionary beyond legacy job schedulers to centrally build, schedule, and manage all IT tasks and business processes across your hybrid environment with real-time, event-based riggers.

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Cloud Automation

Master your hybrid IT environment. No longer are separate cloud job schedulers necessary. Centrally manage end-yo-end automation across private, public and all multi-cloud landscapes.

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DevOps Automation

Stronger together - Developers and IT Ops Teams Unite. Empower both with infrastructure as code, jobs as code and integration of the siloed tools used along with the CI/CD toolchain.

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Job Scheduling

Enterprise job scheduling automates much of the backend work of a typical IT department, allowing for higher quality maintenance and therefore a better-performing system.

Easily automate your SAP workflows from a centralized, fully audit-proven interface that supports today's hybrid IT environments — on-prem and web-hosted.

How It Works

The Universal Automation Center consists of three enterprise workload components, Universal Controller, Universal Agent, and Universal Data Mover, to centrally manage and orchestrate tasks and processes across hybrid IT environments - from on-prem to the cloud.
Universal Controller

Universal Controller (UC) is a feature-rich software product with over twenty years of progressive development. As part of the Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (UAC), the Stonebranch UC is your centralized command-center for IT orchestration and automation.

Easily create real-time workflows across any on-prem, cloud, or hybrid IT environment. The UC features browser-based access, self-service enablement for business users, visual drag-and-drop workflow design, and integrations with just about any third-party solution you throw at it. Plus, you have the option to deploy the UC on-premises or via SaaS.

Universal Agent

Universal Agent protects your existing automation technology investments, allowing you to pursue a ‘best of breed’ approach for your individual automation needs. Being vendor-independent, Universal Agent can be used by any automation engine or product and is available for all systems or platforms where automation processes need to be executed. Coming from classical batch processing – also referred to as scheduling or workload automation – Universal Agent can execute and control any kind of automation process on any remote system. Simple open-application interfaces allow any automation engine to easily connect to the Universal Agent infrastructure and to execute any process while gaining full control.

Universal Data Mover

Universal Data Mover (UDM) is a unique Managed File Transfer solution that serves as a sub-component of the Universal Agent (UA). UDM helps enterprises to orchestrate their data supply chain as part of their automation and transformation initiatives. UDM monitors data availability, triggers business processes upon data availability, transfers data from any platform, in any format in a secure, reliable and regulatory way.

Universal Data Mover supports all key standard protocols like FTP, SFTP, FTPS and also proprietary, regulatory compliant UDM protocol. In combination with its UDM Gateway component, it supports great variety of classical B2B protocols.

Universal Data Mover Gateway

Universal Data Mover Gateway (UDMG) is an enterprise-grade B2B managed file transfer (MFT) solution designed to securely move data between your internal network and third-party partners. Enterprises are enabled to move data in real-time based on system events. Plus, B2B data transfers are highly secure and adhere to industry and compliance protocols.  

As part of the Universal Automation Center (UAC), UDMG makes it simple to incorporate B2B file transfers into automation workflows that go far beyond simply moving data. Plus, you gain complete auditability of all file transfers inside and outside your network. 

Implementation Effort

 Stonebranch's Universal Automation Center SaaS-based workload automation solution is easy to deploy in the cloud. You can quickly enable your organization with the ability to start scheduling automated IT jobs, workloads and business processes via your browser-based web interface.

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Case Study

Wella replaced BMC Control-M and Redwood Cronacle with Stonebranch UAC. By consolidating, Wella is able to automate SAP jobs, and non-sap jobs from a single SaaS-based solution.

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Gartner Report

 I&O leaders must invest in platforms for service automation and orchestration to deliver customer-focused agility for their cloud, big data and DevOps initiatives." – Gartner

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To schedule background jobs and process workflows within their SAP environments, many SAP teams use tools like SAP SM36/SM37, SAP BPA or SAP CPS by Redwood, or  Solution Manager. There's a better way.

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Demo Video

Not ready for a personalised software demonstration for your team just yet - then your might like to viewto this 2 min demo video and get a sense of the look and feel of the product.