smarterSec SAP Security Platform

Automated SAP Security Management and Monitoring

smarterSec SAP Security Platform

smarterSec has been developed by some of the most expert SAP security professionals in the business to provide the deepest of insights, so your team can keep your systems as protected as possible. smarterSec SAP security software will highlight, and then automatically monitor all known SAP vulnerabilities, enabling teams to maintain the highest SAP security.

SAP environments have hundreds, if not thousands of vulnerabilities, many critical and many unknown to all but a few SAP security experts.

According to the IBM 2023 Cost of a Data Breach Report, Australian companies' average data breach cost is around $4 million. The 2023 InsideSAP SAP Cyber Security Threats to SAP Systems Benchmark Report states that 30% of SAP customers surveyed suffered a production system-impacting breach in the previous 12 months.

The high level of complexity, integrations and the different technologies present the responsible parties with significant challenges regarding securing their SAP systems and complying with internal and external regulations. Attackers often exploit the “human factor” as the supposed weakest link in the security chain to obtain sensitive data. It is therefore not surprising that 70% of all attacks occur from “inside” the company, i.e., from within its network. This makes it even more important to proactively prepare for new attacks.

Where awareness and training fail, technical protection mechanisms like smarterSec make the difference.

“We use smarterSec to analyze and evaluate the monthly SAP security patches. The analyses of the individual patches and the implementation or rework have always cost us a lot of time and effort in the past. We are therefore very happy to have smarterSec as a trustworthy, competent partner at our side, who monitors and ensures the security of our products and our SAP HCM system.”

Peter Pfeifer CEO scdsoft AG

Solution Outcomes

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Real time SAP vulnerability  analysis and monitoring provides SAP security teams confidence  

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Real time SAP vulnerability  analysis provides SAP security teams transparency into existing SAP security risks

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Real time SAP GDPR  analysis and monitoring ensures SAP  teams are compliant to GDPR standards 

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Due diligence

Executives and Board can be confident that security due diligence has been undertaken in case of a breach.

"You cannot just implement a central SAP component like SAP Cloud Connector and keep it at a low maintenance level. It is essential that you integrate SAP Cloud Connector in your software lifecycle management and keep high attention like it would be your main SAP ERP system, especially when it comes to security" 

smarterSec security team

Common SAP Security Problems Solved

smarterSec is a zero footprint software that continually analyses your SAP infrastructure looking for known vulnerabilities. The software, via its unique heatmap dashboard reports identified vulnerabilities rating each to enable security teams to action the most serious first. It then continually monitors alerting  when closed vulnerabilities are reopned, or new vulnerabilities are detected.
Lack of know how

Most companies lack of know-how for SAP Security & Compliance and can not keep up with the increasing threat level. smarterSec will take over the responsibility for monitoring and reporting of security-relevant activities inside your SAP landscape.

Lack of resources

Most companies lack resources to continuously maintain all relevant SAP Security & Compliance measures. smarterSec can fill the gap of your limited resources with specialized consultants for SAP Security & Compliance.

Lack of responsibility

Most companies do not have defined responsibilities for SAP Security & Compliance – often a side job of SAP Basis. smarterSec will take over the responsibility for monitoring and reporting of security-relevant activities inside your SAP landscape.

Lack of budget

Most companies have limited budgets for SAP Security & Compliance. smarterSec offers a wide range of services that can be adjusted to your needs and budgets.

The smarterSec Security Platform monitors all important security and compliance-relevant settings and critical events in your SAP system landscape continuously and automatically

Technical Specifications

The smarterSec Security Platform is a zero-footprint solution to analyze business-critical IT-infrastructure. It was designed with the focus on SAP landscapes and does not require any installation The integrated best practices cover the security and compliance of ABAP and HANA-based SAP systems and thus ensure platform-independent, comprehensive protection. Individual security policies can be stored for individual SAP systems to address different protection requirements within the SAP system landscape. Besides focusing on mature SAP system types, we claim a pioneering role in adapting new SAP (cloud) infrastructure components. The following SAP infrastructure components can be analyzed and monitored with the smarterSec Security Platform:

SAP Solution Manager
SAP Success Factors
SAP Cloud Connector
SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)

Implementation Effort

The smarterSec Security Platform is a zero-footprint solution and does not require any installation of additional software or add-ons within the SAP environment to operate. Instead, it uses remote scanning techniques to receive information about the system and identify potential vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and other security issues as well as GDPR violations. This approach allows comprehensive security monitoring without impacting the performance or stability of a source-system, and provides near real-time threat detection and analysis capabilities.

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