Our Partners

Meet Our Software Partners

We carefully vet our vendors and thoughtfully select the software we add to our solutions portfolio.

Our selected vendors are focused on solving known and recognized SAP IT problems; they are competitively positioned; are established software vendors with an EU presence; and have a customer base you can reference. Their solutions are highly credentialed, easy to install and simple to configure and administer.  They automate some aspect of an SAP IT team’s daily regime, show a quick ROI, and have a wide range of referenceable users.


With its exclusive software products samQ,  setQ, visoryQ and more, VOQUZ Labs has specialized in the optimization of license costs and authorization concepts for SAP applications.

Our solutions reduce the manual administration effort and cut costs by optimizing the usage of the existing software inventory. In addition to the SAP license management tool samQ, setQ enables the automation of SAP authorization 



STA Consulting

STA Consulting, an SAP PartnerEdge Build partner, was founded in 2008 in Budapest, Hungary to create SAP add-on software to help SAP customers simplify SAP IT processes to enable a better SAP end-user experience.

Realising its goal through a range of SAP add-on software products, in particular its ITSM Connector for SAP Applications, that bridge the gap between the SAP end-user and the SAP support team, STA is on track. 



ARCH Software

Arch has specialised in providing SAP solutions for over 20 years based on extensive experience in SAP technologies and SAP usability. Arch products help SAP users capture and consume SAP data in many formats.

By working closely with SAP to ensure that Arch products align with and add value to SAP solutions, Arch not only offers great software, but great business solutions.


Libelle AG

Libelle AG is an automation specialist in both the SAP and non-SAP technology area for almost 25 years. Their solutions are specialised, and this is exactly what made the company as successful as it is today.

Specifically, the solution portfolio includes automation solutions in the areas of availability and disaster recovery, anonymization, SAP Basis operation, SAP monitoring, SAP master data.


Basis Technologies

Basis Technologies is trusted by the world’s best-performing organizations to unlock their full potential with SAP. The company's industry-leading solutions help businesses drive transformation with confidence, achieving the freedom to outpace competitors while safeguarding critical systems that maintain business continuity.

Basis Technologies helps the likes of P&G, Honda, Boeing, and Booking.com lead the way by bringing actionable insights and automation to SAP change.

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Meet Our Advisory Partners

Where our customers can benefit from expert, independent advice we partner with capable independent firms.

What constitutes independent advice? Independent advice is advice from someone who doesn’t stand to benefit from you acting on their advice. Independent advice is rare, and it takes a courageous SAP IT team to engage an independent advisor.


Invictus Partners (Invictus) provides licence and support advisory to supplement a clients’ in-house teams. Invictus provides services to assist with licence audits, licence and contract optimisation, license conversions, software asset management, support services (e.g., switching to third-party support, managed services reviews) and preparation for cloud migrations.

The Invictus team consists of 30+ year industry veterans, who have worked on both the client and vendor side, with skills ranging from the design, implementation, and management of software systems and associated license requirements, bringing a wealth of insights, analysis and advisory capabilities to achieve the best possible software management outcomes for their clients.

The Invictus team has a detailed understanding of the SAP solutions and roadmap, licensing and support policies and terms, as well as the auditing process and methodology. Invictus has extensive experience helping clients in both the Commercial and Public Sector within Australia and New Zealand, as well as more globally across Asia Pacific, Europe and the America’s.

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