About Leg Up Software

Our Story

With 20 years in the SAP industry, speaking to SAP IT teams globally and attending SAP events worldwide we saw many unique software solutions in use by SAP IT teams that just weren’t available in Australia or New Zealand. Leg Up Software now fills this gap. 

In particular, software supplied by a range of European software vendors specifically developed to support SAP IT teams in their roles. Software solutions that could be brought to the Australian market that could deliver results and provide outcomes so ANZ SAP IT teams can better meet their business customer expectations.

Software we knew could help SAP IT team members develop reputations as reliable and  dependable; Help them feel accomplished and valued and respected; Ensure they are regarded and trusted.

So with that as the background story, we founded Leg Up Software  to give ANZ SAP IT teams a ‘leg-up’ to help them deliver the kinds of outcomes their business expects of them.  

Community Contribution

We are pleased to be a supporter of Empower.

Empower’s primary purpose is to empower marginalised and at-risk individuals to build positive relationships, capitalise on employment opportunities and attain job stability – assisting them in becoming productive contributors to society.

A percentage of every dollar paid for our software solutions goes to Empower to help it achieve its purpose