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We know it’s not easy to understand software, what it does, and how it helps. So we have collected as much as we can about each of the solutions we offer so by the time you contact us, you have a reasonable idea of how one of our solutions might help and what kinds of questions you might want to ask us.


Automated SAP® License Management

SAP® User Authorisation Management


Automated SAP® SystemCopy

Automated SAP® Data Anonymization

SAP® IDoc Monitoring & Management


SAP® Fiori App Generator

Automated SAP® Email Generator


ITSM Connector for SAP® Applications

ServiceNow ITSM Connector for SAP®


Automated Cloud-based Testing for SAP® Applications

Automated Cloud-based Documentation for SAP® Applications


For SAP Administrators

samQ Automated SAP® License Management

Different year, same procedure! When SAP announces that it will conduct its annual licensing audit, many SAP IT teams have trouble accurately identifying their license inventory. As user numbers grow and users come and go, the effort to determine licensing requirements increases. The questions are endless.

  • How many users do we have?
  • Do they all have the same use requirements?
  • Does each user have the correct license?
  • Which SAP applications are used by which users and to what extent?
  • What is the total number of SAP licenses within the whole company?
  • How many licenses are actually needed?

With samQ, the SAP-licensing management tool by VOQUZ, you will have the answers to these questions on hand at all times.  Thanks to samQ, you can have an accurate picture of your current license inventory. This allows you to be perfectly prepared for your next license audit. You can also determine the optimal license demand for your business. 

With samQ, you will always be perfectly prepared to for your next license measurement at the drop of a hat!

Indirect Access

Are you afraid of high additional payments for Indirect Access? Don’t trust the results of your SLAW – get valid information yourself! Right now SAP only offers an estimation of indirectly generated documents or a complex passport implementation, not a clear & easy measurement. Mitigate your Indirect Access risk with samQ!

S/4HANA Migration

Did you know that SAP offers financial incentives for an early S/4HANA migration? Sounds tempting? Yes, but only if you know which licenses you will need in the new S/4HANA world. Know your license inventory, trade in shelf ware, and you will be equipped for S/4HANA

samQ License Manager Image

Case Study

Andritz Group

Case Study

With 8,000 users, the ANDRITZ GROUP found that manual administration of SAP licenses for the different user types was no longer sufficient. The time and personnel required to evaluate the data was increasing rapidly. ANDRITZ‘s goal was therefore to automate user management to ensure correct licensing with minim effort. Download this case study to see how samQ resolved the issue.
Case Study


Transitioning to S/4 HANA?


If you are transitioning to S/4 HANA it might be a good time to review licensing and user needs. There are some key differences between ECC and S/4 HANA license types (and costs) you need to be aware of. This downloadable VOQUZ Whitepaper may be just what you are looking for.
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Easily monitor and manage iDOC SAP® Systems with Libelle EDIMON


With over 2,500 installations world wide, every 2 hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week an SAP system is copied using Libelle SystemCopy.
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setQ SAP® User Authorisation Management

Historic growth of an organisation’s SAP user roles creates risk and management challenges. Challenges rarely remediated without large-scale effort and negative impact on day-to-day operations.

A clear and centralised picture about who currently has (or should have) which authorizations tend to become fuzzier with every passing year. A typical contributor to this challenge is provisioning employees and developers with greater authorisation levels than they require to perform job duties.

But there is a better way: setQ Authorization Manager centralizes your system-wide role management while kicking security & compliance issues to the curb once and for all.

setQ Authorization Manager for SAP Software automates role approval and assignment processes while making all related processes fully transparent for the business. Assignments are managed from a central dashboard – ensuring you have complete control over all connected systems. Managing your role design on an on-going basis also gets the setQ treatment: SAP admins can use the familiar SAP GUI while business stakeholders gain access via a simple web interface to receive intelligent real-time information on how to remediate SOD conflicts.

Get back control over your users

When starting your S/4HANA migration you have to answer a lot of questions. What user groups will be limited in their productive work after the migration? What roles need to be updated to avoid issues? Which role/profile combinations will cause problems? We help you find the answers BEFORE your migration.

Play it safe – how to increase security & compliance

Whether theft of sensitive data by hackers, industrial espionage or an attack from within your own ranks – there is no 100% security. Protect your company from unauthorized access to your data. Uncover vulnerabilities in your system before they will catch up with you.

Clean up your Roles & Authorizations

Your SAP system is already several years old? Then you might know the problem of an increasing number of authorizations. A growing chaos of too many mother roles and reference users can lead to misuse of your SAP system. Protect your company against unwanted access to your sensitive data. 

For SAP Basis

Libelle SystemCopy: Perform SAP® SYSTEM Copies with enhanced speed

End-to-end refresh of SAP environments in SAP® R/3® and SAP S/4HANA® at the push of a button with Libelle SystemCopy. This enables you to run operations, projects and migrations faster and more efficiently.

Reduce the high manual effort of performing an SAP system copy or a landscape copy. Relieve the burden on SAP Basis administrators and provide test systems with current production data. Deliver swift, consistent, quality refreshes, whenever they are needed.

Libelle SystemCopy makes it possible to supply non-productive systems with fresh production data automatically, at any time, and in a true end-to-end fashion, including all the prior and subsequent work a system copy requires.

In the age of GDPR, Libelle also offers the option to anonymize the test data, replacing the original data with ‘real-appearing’ data which is valid for testing and development.

System Copy SAP with Labelle Systemcopy


CocaCola Hellenic trust Libelle SystemCopy

Case Study

Coca-Cola Hellenic, one of the world's largest coke bottlers, selected Libelle SystemCopy after an extensive evaluation. “Libelle System copy obtained the best score on 3 out of 4 evaluation criteria: technical requirements met, POC included, flexibility & ease of use”, said Miglena Mladenova, Systems Architecture and Administration Services Manager. Download the following Case Study to read the full story.
Case Study

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Easily copy and refresh SAP® Systems with Libelle SystemCopy


With over 2,500 installations world wide, every 2 hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week an SAP system is copied using Libelle SystemCopy.
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Anonymization of Critical Data in nNon-productive SAP® Systems


Whitepaper Libelle DataMasking (LDM) enables this anonymization and pseudonymization of critical data in non-productive systems. LDM can be used universally and independently of the application software, for both individual systems and complete system landscapes Download the whitepaper to read the full story
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Libelle DataMasking: Anonomise personal and sensitive information in both SAP® and Non-SAP® Systems

Provide departments, external developers and consultants with anonymized test and evaluation systems containing realistic data.

The construction of a non-productive system (e.g. for development, training and evaluation) poses a dilemma for the IT department: the system must contain realistic data for proper testing and QA, but it can’t use the real, sensitive data.

Libelle DataMasking anonymizes sensitive data in such a way that the data no longer has a concrete personal reference but is still useable for testing and development. The test systems still have “real” and consistent data at their disposal.

This method fulfills the official requirements of general data protection, GDPR, and internal requirements on your test systems. Developers and external consultants can continue to fully access development / test systems. Training participants can train with realistic data. Analysis can be done with “real” data.

Libelle EDIMON: Perform SAP® iDoc monitoring and management

The IDoc workflow is an absolutely critical aspect of incoming and outgoing orders, deliveries, and invoices and is therefore inextricably linked to the core business of a company. Our software automates typical tasks in monitoring and troubleshooting IDocs and allows permanent monitoring of incoming and outgoing IDocs. Our software runs in the background
and you can keep an eye on everything via a central cockpit. 

Impressively simple and efficient. Automated correction of faulty IDocs enable order processing and smooth delivery to customers.

Reduces manual troubleshooting, informs specialist departments automatically, relieves the entire SAP basis, and provides clear reporting.


Suring up SAP user authorisations


Even without user management software like setQ, there are several basic steps user managers should follow to sure up their user authorisations. This white paper outlines five steps and discusses how setQ SAP User Authorisation Management helps.

For SAP Developers

SAP® Fiori app generator

Stelo is an SAP® Fiori app generator which accelerates the development process for custom Fiori apps and enables the delivery of better Fiori apps through process integration and standardisation.

As organisations move to the SAP Fiori paradigm for user interaction, the need arises to manage tailor-made Fiori processes and apps, beyond simply implementing library apps or delivering a like-for-like replacement of an SAP transaction.

Stelo provides the framework for the development and management of custom SAP Fiori apps, enabling organisations to easily build and maintain a suite of Fiori apps and also the related end-to-end business processes.

Organisations planning wide adoption of the SAP Fiori user experience will require the development of a number of custom SAP Fiori apps. Using Stelo, the development process is significantly faster than using the standard tools alone.

Stelo automatically generates the Fiori app based on back-end SAP configuration, ensuring that each data field within the app is bound to supporting data services.

In addition, all data communication is handled using a pre-delivered SAP Gateway service. This means that there is no need to develop a suite of custom SAP Gateway services to support your Fiori apps: A huge benefit for development and subsequent maintenance.

Further, Stelo automatically supports a range of common functions so that they can be included in the app without any development.

Stelo SAP Fiori app generator

Case Study

Simplification of Fiori App Generation

Case Studies

Read success stories from a range of government and private sectort customers. Reduced effort, better outcomes, lower costs.
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Evaluation License

SAP® Fiori App Generator

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Want to see Fiori at work in your own environment. Request an evaluation license. Its quick to download, easy to install and simple to use.
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Case Study

Simplified SAP Email Generation

Case Studies

Read success stories from a range of government and private sectort customers. Reduced effort, better outcomes, lower costs.
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Evaluation License

Floe SAP® Email Generator

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Want to see Stelo at work in your own environment. Request an evaluation license. Its quick to download, easy to install and simple to use.
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Automated SAP® Email Generator

Does your SAP generated e-mail output conflict with your brand?

Does e-mail development take far too long and cost way too much?

Do business customers constantly complain about the quality, look and feel of internal e-mails?

Floe, from Arch Software is an e-mail generator for SAP through which you can manage e-mail templates to produce tailored, branded e-mail output.

Floe can be used for any SAP e-mail communication and can be incorporated into existing business processes easily.

Fantastic e-mails don’t have to be hard work!

For SAP Support


ITSM Connector allows SAP end users to create ITSM tickets directly from the SAP screen where an error occurs. Submitted ticket information includes details such as:


  • Affected SAP user details.

  • SAP system details (database, application server, operating system, SAP components etc.)

  • Currently running program information.

  • Screen field contents.

  • SAP GUI type and version.
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Evaluation License

ITSM Connector

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Want to see the ITSM Connector at work in your own environment. Request an evaluation license. We will help you get it installed and configured.
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For SAP Testers

Automate emails with Qualibrate

Customer Case Study

Qualibrate Automated SAP Testing

See the eBook to find out how NXP cut their SAP testing time

NXP and their cut-over implementation partner were under pressure to complete the hand-over. Qualibrate helped them meet their deadline.
Download the eBook


 Qualibrate reinvents SAP testing and documentation. As a cloud-based solution for enterprise software delivery that transforms the way teams test, document, and train end-users. The  3-in-1 solution empowers teams to document, create test scripts and automate testing in the one simple activity.

Ensure quality is never compromised with user friendly automation solutions and manual testing accelerators.

Creating lean, relevant business process documentation is fast and simple yet easy to maintain.

Create interactive training. Screen simulation, business data, and team conversations ensure new users hit the ground running.

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